Journaling with the Soul



Journaling with the Soul is a class dedicated to learning the essentials of journaling. Every week I lead the class with open discussion, meditation, and instinctual activities to help students surrender to the process of sacred writing. The main focus of this class is for everyone to begin the process of listening, understanding, connecting, and honoring their true selves.






Learn how to use Journaling as a tool to:

  • Be creative

  • Heal Trauma

  • Build a Relationship with Maiden (Inner-child & Adolescent) Mother (Adult Woman), Crone (Wise/Mature Woman).

  • Communicate with Spirit Animals and Guides

  • Create Bridge from Shadow Self to Present Self

  • Feel Safe and Secure in your Body

  • Stay Grounded and Clear with Self

  • Remain Whole





"By going slowly, we move quickly through our many layers of defense and denial until we touch the living pulse of creativity within us all.

                                       -Julia Cameron

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