In this place I left some time ago Where palm trees are imported from the tropics and planted in singular strokes. Side walks are paved for a linear route, and homes are lined up in rows of squares- the keep up is expensive-so make it pretty. I’m now here to stay and this in its self is baffling. I look around for familiar faces but non-survived. They all had to assimilate in some form. Phone calls and text link us from across the roads, states and countries where we reside. The conversations are not as deep for safety prevails and this means staying at the surface. I use to love being the distant one. It made me feel that I made it out of the heavy -above the rim. Always on the go, running


Will trust understand Wisdom? Rest Body Courage Treatment Dream Touch lick-put lust about away Blow Challenge Begin Compassion Beautiful US Spirit between Heave Gift create gratitude forever Boil Medicine endure beneath Would? were? Could? these... I was milk tiny in apparatus VOICE